LOC Leadership Award

Being a leader isn’t easy.  It takes many character qualities to be the kind of leader that propels the ship forward and inspires the crew, rather than just leaves it floating in the same spot.  Over the years, LOC has graduated many individuals who exemplify leadership in their job and community work.

In order to recognize superior leaders from our Alumni, the LOC Leadership Award was initiated in 2008 by the LOC Board of Directors.  The purpose of the award is to honor LOC Alumni who have shown quality leadership in their business or employment and who have shown achievement in service to their community.  Nominations are solicited each Spring; then a selection committee reviews the nominees.  One LOC graduate is selected annually to receive the award which is presented at the LOC graduation event. 


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Leadership Ottawa County

Leadership Ottawa County Alumni Leadership Award Recipients

2019 Carrie Sanchez

2018 Stephanie Kowal

2017 Casey Madison

2016 Beth Gillman

2014 Eryn Brauer

2013 Corrine Creeden

2012 Randall Lipstraw

2011 Lori Opfer

2010 Kathy Booher

2009 Brad Sander

2008 Bill Lowe